IDinsight partners with GiveWell to support development of future top charities


IDinsight has received a grant from GiveWell to support the development and performance of current and future top charities.

Since 2007, GiveWell has published detailed analyses and recommendations of “effective” charities which meet rigorous criteria. Now, GiveWell is embarking on experimental work to support organizations “at any point in their development” with the hope of identifying additional top charities to recommend to donors.

IDinsight will use the grant funding to set up a joint team with GiveWell and work on monitoring top charities, supporting other charities to achieve top charity status, or generating evidence in line with our decision-focused model to inform a GiveWell top charity recommendation.

“IDinsight and GiveWell share a strong commitment to maximizing the impact of every dollar in global development,” said Neil Buddy Shah, CEO of IDinsight. “IDinsight is thrilled to be working with GiveWell to further that mission by using rigorous evidence to identify, evaluate, and support future potential top charities.”

GiveWell’s grant is the second of two grants awarded to IDinsight. In June 2016, Good Ventures, on the recommendation of GiveWell, announced an unrestricted grant to support IDinsight’s growth.


About IDinsight: IDinsight helps leaders generate and use rigorous evidence to improve their social impact. We tailor cutting edge impact measurement tools to the decision-making needs and constraints of policymakers, funders, and practitioners across Asia and Africa.

About GiveWell: GiveWell is a nonprofit dedicated to finding outstanding giving opportunities and publishing the full details of its analysis to help donors decide where to give.