Learning partnership with the Society for the Elimination of Rural Poverty, Andhra Pradesh

Client: Society for the Elimination of Rural Poverty, Andhra Pradesh (SERP-AP)
Location: Andhra Pradesh, India
Sectors: Rural livelihoods (agriculture and small enterprise), human development (WASH, nutrition), social protection (entitlements and vulnerability services)
Dates of service: August 2015 – 2017
IDinsight service: Embedded learning partnership with impact evaluation, process evaluation, and MIS-building support
IDinsight contacts: Doug Johnson


IDinsight and the Government of Andhra Pradesh are working together to pilot and rigorously evaluate a rural inclusive growth program before it is implemented across the state. 

IDinsight’s learning partnerships enable organizations to dynamically generate evidence to make informed decisions. These extended engagements provide access to a large analytical toolkit, with emphasis on using the right tool at the right time. In many cases, IDinsight staff are co-located with the client to optimally tailor activities to client needs. The long-term, embedded nature of learning partnerships streamlines links between evidence generation, decisions, and action to dramatically amplify our clients’ impact.



A member of a self-help group shells cashew nuts at a processing unit in Vajrapokuthuru, Andhra Pradesh.
(Photo: Nidhaan Jain)


Andhra Pradesh is the second driest region in India, and faces high rates of child malnutrition and anemia and Vitamin A deficiencies.



The Andhra Pradesh Rural Inclusive Growth Program (APRIGP) is a joint rural and human development program set up by the Government of Andhra Pradesh and its parastatal corporation, the Society for the Elimination of Rural Poverty, Andhra Pradesh (SERP-AP). APRIGP aims to achieve increased access to income, nutrition, sanitation, and social entitlements in 150 of the poorest mandals (sub-districts) in Andhra Pradesh (out of 664 mandals) using self-help groups, farmer producer groups, cooperative societies, and one-stop shops.


Learning partnership and IDinsight’s service

SERP-AP is looking to pilot APRIGP across Andhra Pradesh before scaling up. During this pilot phase, IDinsight will conduct rigorous evaluations of APRIGP’s performance and impact. Findings will inform recommendations and a roll-out plan that will optimize APRIGP’s design and implementation.

As of August 2016, IDinsight has completed the following:

– Evidence and best practice reviews on nutrition and smallholder farmer-related interventions

– Process evaluations on farm value chains and rural retail chains

– Feedback on indicators to collect in MIS modules for farm value chains, rural retail chains, and human development components of the program

– Design of overall program impact evaluation and baseline instruments

– Design of thematic impact evaluation to measure the impact of activities under the human development component of the APRIGP