Expanding electricity access in Bihar

Location: Bihar, India
Client: Bihar State Power Holding Company
Sectors: Social Protection
Services: In-house consulting support, internal monitoring support, process and impact evaluations



Bihar ranks at the bottom of all Indian states for households with access to electricity, and energy usage in Bihar is over five times lower than in India on average. Increasing access to electricity is a critical component of economic development, and the Government of Bihar has explicitly promised to work toward expanding access to everyone in Bihar over the next few years.


To this end, IDinsight has partnered with Bihar State Power Holding Company Ltd. to set up the Concurrent Evaluation Cell, an in-house evaluation unit that provides analytical support to Bihar’s energy distribution companies to help facilitate key policy decisions.

IDinsight service

The Concurrent Evaluation Cell specifically provides the following types of evaluation services to answer key policy questions: process evaluations, impact evaluations, data analysis, bolstering internal monitoring systems, and more.