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Dinabandhu Bharti (India)

Field Manager Lead 1

Dinabandhu Bharti is a Field Manager Lead at IDinsight, based in New Delhi, India.

In his current role, Dinabandhu brings his vast experience of working and managing large-scale data collection across multiple states in India. In his 8+ years of work at IDinsight, Dinabandhu got to work on embedded units at government offices and manage and execute quantitative and qualitative methods of high-quality data collection with non-profits and funders for IDinsight.

Prior to joining IDinsight, Dinabandhu had worked for more than eight years in farm-based livelihood project implementation with Self Help Group (SHG) and integrated natural resource management, financial inclusion, energy, child nutrition, education and agriculture. He has served in an Executive Project at PRADAN, and has also been a Team Leader at Action For Social Advancement, and Officer Programs at the Indo-Global Social Service Society. He has working experience in Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar and Rajasthan with tribal and non-tribal poor farmers.

Dinabandhu holds a Bachelor’s degree in Hindi with honours from Presidency College, Calcutta and a Master’s degree in Hindi Literature from the University of Calcutta. He is fluent in Hindi, English and Bengali.